(This is the bit where we tell you our story)

We’re spectacularly proud to be an independent publisher because it means we can be innovative, responsive and have a lot of fun. We also belong to a wider network of independent publishers in the form of the Independent Publishers Guild.

But why Phoenix Yard?

There’s a very old story behind our yard: the building dates back to1680 and, apparently, King Charles II was entertained here. Rumour has it there’s a moat underneath the building too... but this could all be fantasy, of course.

These days Phoenix Yard is a modern, vibrant, creative -  if slightly unusual - space to work in. We'd found a place that set our imaginations alight. It felt right.

So in a mixture of the old and the new, in an area under rejuvenation, Phoenix Yard Books was hatched. 'Out of the ashes’, as they say...

(Image © Linda Sarah)

We like the diverse community here. We walk through each other's offices, we share a biscuit tin, we even grow strawberry plants outside; but we also share skills and ideas sometimes. We asked our friendly architects downstairs to do their impressions of Phoenix Yard and we unleashed a few children’s illustrators in the process. The results can be found in our online gallery. We often give manuscripts and illustrations to parents who work for other companies in the yard to take home to their children.  

Beyond the yard

A company should make a positive contribution to the society to which it belongs and we strive to put children at the centre of everything we do. We are a children’s publisher so where better to start than the children on our own doorstep? We’re committed to working alongside local schools wherever possible. We’ve already taken books and submissions into the classroom where we’ve had a lot of fun and the children have taught us a lot. The editorial reports we take the most seriously are those written by the children. 

The wider world

As a socially and environmentally responsible children’s publisher we consider the world in which our children are growing up. When you buy from Phoenix Yard Books you can be assured the books have been produced with integrity using a workforce who are well-treated, and assured that the paper and board used has not had a devastating impact on our world. We endeavour to use FCS paper whenever possible and we pay close attention to the information and recommendations from PREPS, including the Egmont Grading System ©.