Stephen Michael King

Stephen Michael King loves to draw and dream. His creative meanderings have led him to illustrate over fifty books, including award-winning titles such as The Pocket Dogs by Margaret Wild, Where does Thursday Go? by Janeen Brian, and Perry Angel’s Suitcase by Glenda Millard.

When Stephen was introduced to Glenda Millard's work, he said, ‘We were meant to collaborate together. Her words and my art create places that we both believe in. There's not many places I'd prefer to be than in the Kingdom of Silk. It was easy to say “Yes.”’

Stephen writes, illustrates and often designs as well. Books where he’s worn both hats as author and illustrator, and occasionally a third hat as designer, include The Man Who Loved Boxes, Henry and Amy, Mutt Dog! You, Never Ever Before and A Bear and a Tree.

He says, ‘Creating books is a similar process to building a sculpture. I can start with a small idea and construct and subtract until I’m satisfied. Each book has hundreds of possibilities. I love seeing where a small idea can take me, but also smile when I land at a surprise destination.’

Stephen is published throughout the world, and his titles Milli, Jack and the Dancing Cat andLeaf were chosen as White Ravens, outstanding children’s books selected by the International Youth Library.

When he’s not drawing and dreaming you can find him spending his days in a mud brick house, on a coastal island, hanging out with his family, their two crazy dogs, Milli and Rosie, and his son’s much-loved and noisy rainbow lorikeet Garra.

He says, 'I'm still that little kid running around barefoot, just a 49 year old version, who's mightly thankful of where he's ended up. I'm happy that I followed my creative heart.'

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