Lollipop and Grandpa Go Swimming

Author: Penelope Harper
Illustrator: Cate James

Age: 3-6
RRP: £6.99
ISBN: 9781907912139
Publication Date: 15-06-2012
Format: Pb, 260mm x 260mm
Extent: 32 pages

Lollipop and Grandpa make a splash!

Lollipop is learning to swim. Just as soon as she has mastered kicking and blowing bubbles underwater however, she and Grandpa are plunged into a thrilling adventure featuring a giant octopus, a blue whale, sunken treasure and some very naughty pirates. Luckily, Grandpa has a plan... 

Underpinning the series is the relationship between an intelligent, inquisitive little girl and her mischievous grandparent who understands the workings of a child’s mind brilliantly. All stories combine the familiar trials and tribulations of being 4-years-old with great fantasy adventures arising from ordinary, everyday identifiable situations


"That was so close Grandpa!" Lollipop gasps. But it isn’t long before they spot something else in their path.

"G- G- G- Grandpa....,"gulps Lollipop.

Emerging from the dark waters of the deep end is a knee-wobbling, jaw-dropping, tummy- fluttering, absolutely GINORMOUS...


About the author and Illustrator

Penelope Harper was a breakfast radio show host in the UK for many years, and has also worked in broadcasting in Australia. She most recently worked as a secondary school librarian, and the Lollipop and Grandpa series is her first foray into children’s fiction, inspired by her own relationship with her grandfather as a child. Penelope dreams of having a house by the sea when she grows up.

Cate James is an Edinburgh-based illustrator and printmaker.

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