The Naming of Tishkin Silk

Author: Glenda Millard
Illustrator: Caroline Magerl

Age: 9 - 12
RRP: £5.99
ISBN: 9781907912245
Publication Date: 01-03-2013
Format: Pb, 198mm x 129mm x 7mm
Extent: 96 pages

Griffin has a secret in his heart that nobody else knows – until he meets Layla.

Griffin Silk is an uncommon sort of boy, from an uncommon sort of family, but when he meets Layla, a princess with a daisy chain crown, he knows he’s found a friend. So Griffin shares his inner thoughts with her and together they find a way to deal with his secret.

Just like the mythical beast whose name he bears, Griffin discovers he has the courage of a lion. But it will take a friend like Layla to help him find the answers to his biggest questions.

This unique and tender novel is the first book in Glenda Millard’s multi-award-winning Kingdom of Silk series, and will touch the heart of every reader.

Series blurb:

In Glenda Millard’s beautifully written and multi-award-winning Kingdom of Silk series, set in the evocatively realized Australian countryside, we meet the uncommon Silk family. Parents Ben and Annie Silk have a brood of five daughters (‘the Rainbow Girls’), a son named Griffin, Griffin’s best friend Layla who ‘might as well be a Silk’, Nell - the ‘tiny bit magic’ fairy grandmother, and Perry Angel – an adopted son who joins the Silk family midway through the series.

Through these whimsical, lyrical stories, Glenda Millard writes about families like no other writer writes about families. The books explore important themes of love, loss, friendships, home and belonging, in ways that pull at the heartstrings but are never over-sentimental. Honey for the soul. 


About the Author

Glenda Millard is an author of multi award-winning children's picture books and novels including, Isabella's Garden, A Small Free Kiss in the Dark and the Kingdom of Silk series.She was born in the Goldfields region of Central Victoria, Australia, and has lived in the area all her life. The communities she has lived in and the surrounding landscapes have provided a rich source of inspiration and settings for many of her stories. To visit Glenda Millard's website, click here.


Poignant and lovely. Millard has that rare gift of making you feel in a few pages that you’ve known these characters, and this place, always.

Daniel Hahn, Independent on Sunday (Best Children’s Books of 2013)

This is a special, lyrical and lovely story. It gives you a vibrant sense of the Australian countryside, and even more, it takes you inside the mind of an ordinary but most extraordinary boy, Griffin Silk. It will surely touch your heart.

Berlie Doherty, double Carnegie Medal winning author

The Naming of Tishkin Silk is a lyrical story set in Australia, which would read aloud well to a child progressing through primary school.

Susan Elkin, The Independent

Soft, dreamy and slightly Bohemian. Sad yet hopeful, it's hard not to shed a tear at the end. Would read aloud well, engaging discussion. A real surprise. (A book of the week.)

Peters Educational Books

The Naming of Tishkin Silk is a beautiful, tender story by Glenda Millard ...This is an exquisite story set in an evocatively realised Australian countryside.

Jane Sandell, The Scotsman

The Naming of Tishkin Silk is a truly beautiful story of loss, hope, strength and love. It written in the most evocative style from Glenda Millard. Her depictions of rural Australia are stunning; the reader can nearly feel the heat of the sun through the branches of the apple tree. It is supported by gorgeous artwork by Caroline Magerl. It is such a delicate, tender text and this is mirrored wonderful it its design.

The Naming of Tishkin Silk is quite a short read, and it reads effortlessly as a read aloud. It is an emotional book, but also a splendid and unforgettable read.

Mélanie McGilloway, Library Mice

From Australia comes the award winning Kingdom of Silk series from an author who uses the rural communities and landscapes of her homeland as the rich source of inspiration for many of her tender, lyrical stories.

The extraordinary and yet, in many ways, ordinary Silk family live in Cameron’s Creek – mother, father, grandmother, five sisters and little brother Griffin Silk – and their lives and adventures explore all-important themes of love, loss and home.

The enchanting illustrations in The Naming Of Tishkin Silk come from the pen of the talented Caroline Magerl.

Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Evening Post

A gorgeous read with some of the best scene setting I've ever read and with a family I adore. Even better, it's the first in a series!

Booka Uhu's Book Nook

A very special story that pulls on your heart strings.

School Librarian


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