Lollipop and Grandpa's Dinosaur Hunt

Author: Penelope Harper
Illustrator: Cate James

Age: 3 - 6
RRP: £6.99
ISBN: 9781907912269
Publication Date: 01-04-2013
Format: Pb, 206mm x 260mm x 4mm
Extent: 32 pages

“Nonsense!” says Grandpa. “Dinosaurs are not extinct. They’re just very good at hiding.”

On a family outing to a blustery British beach, Lollipop and Grandpa explore the Jurassic coast. Following Grandpa’s dinosaur trail, they encounter a DIGGERO-DOCUS, STAIR-GO-SAURUS and a TRY-SEE-THE-TOPS. When they stumble across a terrifying PYLON-A-SAURUS REX, Lollipop has to think fast. In a fast-paced competition of hide-and-seek, who is hunting who?

About the series

Lollipop and Grandpa are intrepid explorers, always on the lookout for the next adventure.

Underpinning the series is the relationship between an intelligent, inquisitive little girl and her mischievous grandparent who understands the workings of a child’s mind brilliantly. All stories combine the familiar trials and tribulations of being 4-years-old with great fantasy adventures arising from ordinary, everyday identifiable situations. Humorous, warm family fun.


Lollipop's family settles in for a day at the seaside, but it just so happens, that they are also on the Jurassic Coast. Of course the dinosaurs have died out millions of years ago... or have they? Grandpa says they haven't really disappeared, they are just very good at hiding, so the pair set off on a quest to finding the missing dinosaurs...There is also just a nice warm feeling reading this book as it shows a truly magical relationship between Lollipop and her Grandpa. I feel the best thing about this book though, is that it encourages children to look at their surroundings in a new way.

The Bookbag

These books are a wonderful celebration of the very special relationship that can exist between grandfather and granddaughter. This time, the intrepid pair are off in search of dinosaurs with their wonderful blend of reality and imagination. The family are on holiday on the Jurassic Coast and there are dinosaurs everywhere - but not dinosaurs as we know them - there's the Digger-dosus, the Stair-go-saurus, the Try-see-the tops and the Pylon-a-saurus Rex. Brilliantly imaginative and wonderfully understanding of how children feel, all enhanced by the charming illustrations.
Parents in Touch
Meet Lollipop and her lovable, eccentric grandfather, an irrepressible family partnership whose extraordinary exploits are based on trust and mutual affection. The multi-generational stars are on their fourth outing now and their sense of fun and adventure shows no sign of flagging... Deliciously adorable Lollipop is an intelligent, inquisitive little girl and her mischievous, madcap Grandpa understands perfectly the workings of a child’s mind. Author Penelope Harper combines the familiar trials and tribulations of being four years old with great fantasy adventures arising from ordinary, everyday identifiable situations, all brought to life by the playful, eye-catching illustrations of Cate James.
Lancashire Evening Post

About the Author and Illustrator

Penelope Harper is a former radio presenter and currently works as a school librarian. Lollipop and Grandpa are her first children’s books, inspired by her relationship with her own grandfather.

Cate James is an Edinburgh-based illustrator and printmaker.

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