The Luchair Stones

Author: Isabel Oligvie

Age: 8-12
RRP: £5.99
ISBN: 9781907912436
Publication Date: 04-09-2014
Format: Pb, 198mm x 128mm x 14mm
Extent: 240 pages


The journey begins…

Devlin and Shay, the two youngest children of Lord Padraig, ruler of the kingdom of Rosemerta, have grown up listening to tales of their ancestors and the feud between the red and black dragons. Now they are about to discover more than they ever could imagine…

The story begins a few years after Drepe, the Dark Lord of the Frozen Northlands, has stolen the ancient Luchair Stones that have safeguarded Rosemerta for generations. Lord Padraig and his army rode in pursuit of the stones but never returned. When a strange messenger arrives with long awaited news, Devlin and Shay set out on an epic journey into icy wilderness to save their father’s lost army and Rosemerta. 

Be prepared for bravery and betrayal, courage and adventure, destiny and danger in this epic new fantasy saga. There are seven planned titles in the series.


Above extracts from prologue. Below extract from first chapter.

About the Author

Isabel Oligvie is a retired children's librarian and full-time writer. She grew up in Port Philip Bay, a small town outside Melbourne, Australia, where she still lives now. The Luchair Stones is her debut novel for children.

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