Squirrel Boy vs the Squirrel Hunter

Author: Dave Lowe
Illustrator: Cate James

Age: 6-10
RRP: £5.99
ISBN: 9781907912733
Publication Date: 07-05-2015
Format: Pb, 198mm x 128mm x 12mm
Extent: 160 pages

Series blurb

Walter Kettle is just an ordinary boy until he is bitten on the bottom by a radioactive squirrel. From that moment, whenever he eats a nut, Walter Kettle becomes... Squirrel Boy! With the help of his ferocious elderly neighbour, Mrs Onions, Walter finds himself fighting crime and the hilarious new series for 6-10s about an unlikely and totally ridiculous superhero. 

Ilustrated in comics style panels by Cate James, and perfect for reluctant readers. Three titles in the series publishing in 2015. Next: Squirrel Boy vs the Wasp.


After recovering from his recent gruesome battle with the Bogeyman, Squirrel Boy is called back into action and forced to face his most fearsome foe: the Squirrel Hunter. The Squirrel Hunter has been terrorising squirrels in the local park, but the squirrel tail he most wants to nail to his wall is Walter’s. Will Walter be able to save the rapidly depleting squirrel population and, most importantly, his own skin? 

About the Author and Illustrator

After realising he would never play for West Bromwich Albion, Dave Lowe became a writer. His first series, Stinky & Jinks (My Hamster Thinks I'm a Genius) sold over 10,000 copies. Dave Lowe lives in Brisbane, Australia with his wife and two daughters.

Cate James is an Edinburgh-based illustrator and printmaker.


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